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The Professional: Keith, Hair Stylist

September 17, 2010

We popped into Urban Retreat and Day Spa this morning to interview a few stylists, massage therapists, and nail techs. I was ecstatic to also get an exclusive look at Urban Retreat’s new home in the very chic, very posh River Oaks Shopping Center. I’ve always loved visiting the San Felipe location but after touring the brand new facility in River Oaks, I’m officially obsessed! Imagine a fabulous day of pampering with your girlfriends, having a hot stone pedicure, and viewing the Houston skyline as you get your hair styled for a night out…..pure bliss! Did I mention that America’s restaurant is conveniently located next door?! Tres leches, pan dulces, or alfajores after a relaxing spa day couldn’t be more perfect if I created the idea myself!

I sat down with seasoned stylist Keith at the Spa this morning to ask him about his clientele, signature service, interesting books, and his favorite way to unwind after a long or stressful day. Keith goes by only one name which immediately grabbed my attention! I instantly LOVED it! He quickly established his seniority with the exclusive one-name-only trend! Think Beyonce, Prince, Rihanna, Versace, etc. You get the point. We love it!

Keith is originally from Tupelo, Mississippi and has lived in Houston for more than 20 years. Keith is married with two sons, 26 and 29 years old. Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe I should have asked if those two sons were single. Hmmmmm, next time. Back to Keith, he’s been a stylist for over 15 years and loves the client interaction portion of his job. Many times we go to a salon with no idea of what we want besides “an amazing hair cut”. As a professional in the industry Keith prides himself on providing excellent styling guidance to his clients.

Keith specializes in coloring and Japanese straightening. I was absolutely thrilled to hear this! Japanese straightening system is a hair system that originated in Japan, which utilizes heat, chemicals, and flat ironing to re-texture curly, frizzy hair bonds. The end result is permanent pin-straight hair. With Keith specializing in this process, you’re sure to be looking fab year round. Keith feels the hottest trend in hair styling right now is the Sassoon Retro. This is why I loved Keith! What a great way to describe the straight, sculpted but shaggy 70’s look! How fabulous would that be this fall? A super straight, shagged cut with bangs?! Nice. I’m already envisioning outfit options.

While Keith says he’s not sold on Facebook or MySpace yet, he admitted he’s definitely a texter! No worries Keith, we’ll post pics of one of your signature Sassoon Retro cut and styles on our Facebook page. With shampoo and styles starting at only $53, we suggest you call Keith (no last name needed!) immediately to get your new fall cut and style.

Keith is at the Urban Retreat Spa and Salon Main location at 2329 San Felipe, Houston, TX 77019. For more information or to book an appointment with Keith, call Urban Retreat Day Spa and Salon at 713.523.2300.

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